La sirena 라는 백화점에서  Super Impose Banner라고 명명한 새로운 TV광고형태를 선보였다.

세계적인 경기 불황으로 광고주들이 허리띠를 졸라매고 있는 상황에서 자금의 흐름을 방해하는 TV광고는

가장 큰 기피대상이 되었다. 이런 와중에 La sirena의 광고는 올드 미디어도 창의적인 아이디어가 있다면

전혀 새롭게 형태의 광고를 만들 수 있다는 것을 보여주었다.

기존의 TV광고가 프로그램을 중심으로 전CM과 후CM으로 이뤄져 분리되었다면 La sirena의 백화점 광고는

드라마의 컨텍스트와 어울리는 광고가 프로그램 도중에 겹쳐(overlay)나타난다. 마치 google의 문맥광고를

보고 있는 것 같다. 몇몇 예를 살펴보면  비키니를 입은 여자가 등장하는 장면에서는 말풍선이 튀어나오며

'오- 성스러운 비키니여'라는 카피가 쓰여있고 속옷을 입은 여자가 나오는 장면에는 '모든 판타지를 위한 색'

이라는 카피와 La sirena의 BI가 나타난다.

자본주의의 꽃이라고 하는 광고가 드라마 중간에 200개씩 나왔음에도 존경할 만한 기업 수치가 56%이상 오를

수 있었던 것은 자막이 가져오는 '위트'다.

Media Lions > Gold


Type of Entry: Use of Media
Category: Best Use of Television
Advertiser/Client: LA SIRENA
Entrant Company: PAGES BBDO Santo Domingo, DOMINICAN REPUBLIC
Advertising Agency: PAGES BBDO Santo Domingo, DOMINICAN REPUBLIC
Creative Credits
Name Company Position
Rodolfo Borrell Pagés BBDO Vp General Creative Director
Dilia Luna Pagés BBDO Creative Director
Claudia Rodriguez Pagés BBDO Copywriter
Scarly Bidó Pagés BBDO Art Director
Sandra Cividanes Pagés BBDO Accounts Director
Belkis De La Cruz OMD Dominicana Media Planning Director
Jenny Mella Pagés BBDO Accounts Executive

Results and Effectiveness:
More than 200 banners were made with a range that reached the national spectrum receiving a lot of free press. In the ranking of most admired companies compiled in 2008, La Sirena rose with a 50.9%. Another study showed the buying preference and it’s rise to 42.5% and a closing year with a SOV of 76%.
Creative Execution:
A superimposed banner that reacted through funny messages within the context of the actions and the article that was being promoted. Using a unique media negotiation with the channels that broadcasted the 5 top rated soap operas we were able to insert a breakthrough way of announcing the week’s offers: a superimposed banner. A week prior to the air date all the soap opera’s episodes were evaluated and studied, looking for articles that looked like the ones in the offer for the upcoming week. During the broadcast, at any given moment the banners reacted through funny messages within the context of the actions and the article that was being promoted.

Insights, Strategy and the Idea:
The objective was to communicate the weekly specials through TV in the midst of a financial crisis that had commerce maximizing their budgets while cutting down on expenses. This stirred a retail advertising war that ended up creating a huge amount of bumper commercials that were boring and monotonous. The target audience was housewives, stay-home mothers and any other character that had the power to choose which household items were getting purchased. We knew we had to find a more entertaining and interesting way of communicating the products in a more relevant way. The client advertised the articles in its inventory and the target audience got the information with an emotional twist. While some overlays were completely rational others had a hint of humor that stuck with the target audience in a moment of complete attention.
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